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Bank Driver - Your job is to deliver the bank money in a security van to a specific location. Hacker - This job hacks into peoples accounts and gives you credit cards which you go on to sell. Mechanic - This job is the only job who can buy repair kits and repair vehicles via the K menu.

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This job also has an AI mission involved were you can fix things around the map for cash. Bounty Hunter - This role is similar to a police officer, police use bounty hunters to find high value targets that are eluding them. Copy server. Go to server. Whilst in server.

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Everytime I install, I get an error when I join, Something about a Legacy servers are not allowed with this version of fivem, update blah blah blah. I have the most recent version. I even went and checked, redownloaded the most recent and tried again, still. However, it doesnt give me this error when I stop the resource VRP while leaving the rest enabled.

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Any ideas? I will make this clearer on the next update. Dunko how to we get clothes and face to work? Like for the mp player model there is none faces , ears , clothes etc… are they turn off or do we need to add?

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Hello dunko do you now if the drug dealer job works with this framwork where you can sell to ai by pressing h. Any fixes for this? You can create a vehicle. Dunko March 31, , pm 1.

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The GUI is responsive on the standardized resolutions such as , , Now the bar of hunger and thirst bar will be in another logic. If you are hungry or thirsty the bar will be at 0, and if it is not it will be full. Added the ability to sell the nearest owned car to another player by ID. Added a job called UPS courier type where you have to harvest the boxes before you go to addresses to deliver them. With job vehicle, job uniform Added more houses in the pack. Amended some cars which are now blacklisted such as Rhino and other Non-RP vehicles.

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  • Fixed Romanian language for Base Framework. Added a fix for the new function to sell a car to a player into the menu. Lawyer - For those who want to RP as a lawyer to help those… criminals… get out of a hot spot. Cargo Pilot - Deliver the much needed Cargo. Airline Pilot - Fly people to their destinations. No more Combat Logging! If the user successfully completes the puzzle then can play again to beat there previous time or visit your link to claim your offer. Not only does this tool offers easy and fast installation no database or app setup needed , you also get the following benefits:.

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